Budget-Friendly Smart Tech For Your Apartments

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Looking to add some flair to your balcony this summer, without breaking your bank? We understand! Finding patio décor and furniture can be expensive –Here’s a list of 5 items to use to decorate your outdoor space for less than $30!

Item #1: Plants!

Plants are a lovely way to add not only green but an array of bright, vivid colours to your space! You can find a huge variety of flowers and other plants at places ranging from greenhouses and plant shops to your local grocery store, or even Ikea! The indoor plants like Croton, Cinnamon Ferns and Snake Plant are perfect to beautify your patio in summers and turn your interiors into a tropical paradise during winters.

Item #2: String Lights

Adding some ambient lighting to your balcony is a great way to softly light up your outdoor retreat at night, without needing one really bright light! Not only that, but you also can light up your ENTIRE space with just one set of string lights, and they won’t get in your way because the best way to hang these is off your railing!

Item #3: Patio Rug

A patio rug can help to keep your patio floor clean, and will add an extra level of comfort when you’re using your outdoor space! Most of the outdoor rugs are weather-resistant, so even if it rains, or snows (the author is from Winnipeg after all), you’re prepared!

Item #4: Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns are a wonderful way to romanticize your private oasis! They come in all different shapes to suit your style and are a perfect receptacle for your favourite scented candle! Disguise a citronella candle into this gorgeous wicker lantern from Bouclair and enjoy your evening with a sweet-smelling breeze in your balcony.

Item #5: Hanging Planters

The best chefs in the world recommend using fresh herbs – so spice up your food while you add some greenery to your balcony! Hanging planters that you can find anywhere from Canadian Tire, to Amazon, to most plant shops/greenhouses – will allow you to turn your balcony into a mini (kitchen) garden! Not only do you get to add colour to your space – but it gets to smell (and taste) even better once you put the growing’s to use!