Our Mission, Vision, and Values are the core of everything we do.


We believe by delivering an exceptional experience and place to live and work, we maximize value for all of tenants, owners, investors, and employees.


To be a highly respected Canadian real estate company with a profitable, well-valued, and diversified portfolio of quality properties, and an outstanding reputation within our industry for property management, development, and investment.


Honesty and Integrity: We will interact with all stakeholders in a transparent manner that demonstrates integrity and honesty.

Innovation/Collaboration: We will continuously look for better ways to serve our stakeholders through encouraging new ideas and fostering a clear sense of teamwork within TRG and with our stakeholders.

Respect: We will demonstrate respect for our all our clients as well as respect for our employees.

Individual, Family, and Community Oriented: We believe that we will better serve our stakeholders if we encourage and support work life balance for all our employees. Focus on family and friends is viewed by TRG as enabling all of us to return to work with increased energy and motivation to serve our stakeholders.

Service Excellence: We will strive to provide the very best customer service to all of our residents, tenants, and clients.

Exciting and Rewarding Place to Work: We are committed to providing opportunities to grow and advance as we deliver on our mission, including a commitment to ongoing education and professional development for all employees.