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You're just steps away from joining our Towers Benefits program!

Towers Realty Group is Proud to offer its Towers Benefits program free to all current residents at Towers managed properties. Our Benefits cards are also offered to employees who work in any commercial property managed by Towers Realty Group.  Towers Benefits is designed to provide anyone who lives or works in a Towers managed property an opportunity to save money at businesses they may frequent. We understand that with the rising costs of everything from rent, to food, to oil changes, every little bit of savings helps toward having a more fulfilling and prosperous lifestyle. Towers Benefits is one of the ways we deliver on our mission to provide an exceptional experience and maximize value for our stakeholders, the people who live and work within the properties we manage.

Participation in the program is completely free for those businesses which are generous enough to offer a discount on products or services, or promotional considerations to anyone who holds a Towers Benefits Card. All Benefits Partners are listed on our website at with their company logo, information about their business, a link to the company website and details of their offer. Offer codes for online stores and booking systems can be easily accommodated, and for brick and mortar establishments we ask that presentation of a Benefits Card at checkout entitle the bearer to redeem your offer. Our cards are also equipped with a barcode which can be used for scanning and tracking redemption on your POS system.

Businesses wishing to receive further consideration and logo placement on the back of our physical cards can opt to pay for featured partner placement. Featured partners contributions to our program allow us to print cards and materials to support the program, ensuring that no costs associated with the program are ever passed on to the tenants, residents or employees of our commercial tenants who receive the Towers Benefits cards we distribute.

To become a featured partner there is a minimum $1,800.00 (plus GST) annual commitment required, for a minimum of two years, and up to three years. Opportunities to join as a featured partner come up whenever we need to print new cards (due to dwindling supply).

The minimum commitment guarantees logo placement on 10,000 Benefits cards, distributed to anyone who lives or works in a Towers Managed property, and featured partner listing status on our website at

Featured Partners also receive industry exclusive feature status (we will not have two bakeries listed as featured partners at one time for example) and additional promotion on our social media and through direct email marketing to our Benefits cardholders.


Participation Includes 
Featured Partner
Free Listing
Logo placement on card
Featured placement online
Distribution of materials/access to cardholders
Online listing with logo and offer
New partner announcement (social media)
New partner announcement (email newsletter)
Regular social media promotion of your offer


If your business is considering joining our Benefits program but requires more information, please contact Jason van Rooy, Director of Marketing and Customer Service at 204.954.2661.

All Featured and Benefits Partners receive regular promotion and inclusion in our Benefits Newsletter and on out website and social media channels (Facebook followers ~2.8k, Instagram followers ~2.7k combined reach ~90k).



170,000+ visitors annually / 80% new visitors annually / 1,000,000+ page views annually

Increase in visits to our Benefits Partners listings 2019 – 2021= +180%

Demographics: 60% Female/40% Male |  35% 25 – 34 / 17% 35 – 44 / 15% 45 – 54

Top Interests: Food and Entertainment, Dining, Shopping, Real Estate, news and Sports


@TOWERSREALTYGROUP (Facebook and Instagram)

Facebook Page Likes 2.5K (69% Women) | Instagram Followers 2.7K (71% Women)

70% aged 25 – 44 years

Annual Reach: Facebook 493K | Instagram 111K

Annual Impressions: 3,000,000+

Now is the time to grow your business and reach thousands of potential new customers. To join the growing List of Towers Benefits Partners and share your business with our nearly 10,000 cardholders, please fill out the form below. Welcome to Towers Benefits!

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