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Whether it’s decorative ornaments, outdoor lights or gifts for friends and family, the holiday season is many people’s favorite part of the year!

While current pandemic response restrictions have been put in place for our well-being, they needn’t deprive us holiday spirit!

Remember, there is no harm in re-purposing the last year’s décor. Or exploring an online marketplace to safely buy previously loved décor items to spruce up your home in imaginative ways!

If you can’t get out of your home to shop, search online for local makers who offer curbside pick-up or delivery!

But you don’t even have to leave home if you have just a few supplies and some creativity!

Handmade Holiday Boards

Image source: www.wildarroworiginals.com

Stick up a personalized, hand-crafted wood board at the entry door to welcome your guests.

Got some paint? A piece of board or cardboard? Grab a brush, sponge or anything else that works and write up a cute holiday message or a witty quote.

Not so creative? Then we have someone to make you one cheerful holiday signboard to fill up your space with joy and laughter!

Katie, a local maker and the creator and owner of Wild Arrow Originals, has curated a quirky collection of bespoke Christmas boards! It’s certainly an ideal place to find some inspiration and some groovy one-liners. And if you’re lazy, they have free delivery and pickup options too!

Repurposed Ornaments

Image source: pegdots.com  

Toss those sparkly baubles (yes that’s a word! 😊) from last year into a tall glass vase; throw in some princess lights if you have them to brighten up a corner.

Got some paint or glitter around the house? Repurpose old ornaments as handmade gifts by adding some creative designs and transform them from plain-n-boring to a personalized holiday keepsake for a loved one!

Not sure you have the time or creativity? Karyn Balser, founder of Pegdots makes the most intriguing patterns which stand out on their own!

Baked Ornaments

Image source: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Who knew!? Christmas baking can serve a decorative purpose as well!

Have a knack for baking? Those adorable gingerbread people, you’re sorted.

You really can bake ornaments of all shapes and sizes, decorate with colourful icing and hang on your tree for a truly warm holiday feel!

If baking is not your cup of tea, why not buy a gingerbread kit from a local Winnipeg baker and just do the icing for that personal touch?

Beth, the self-taught baker and owner of MacsbyBeth , bakes her exquisite treats at home!

Non-bakers will love those traditional holiday cookie kits and reusable mason jars filled with ingredients to make their favourite cookies from scratch. Not a bad gift idea either!

3-D Paper Snowflakes

Image source: Handimania.com

All you need for this incredible DIY is identical square sheets of paper, scissors, and glue.

We could tell you all about this one, but you can follow the simple instructions here.

Pro tip: Use different shades of blue and silver glitter to give your creation that frosty sheen! And send us photos of your finished product, ‘cause these are way cool and we definitely want to see!

Yarn Holiday Wreath

Image source: @mycreations.wpg

Looking for a more cozy, rustic vibe? A simple, yet beautiful wreath made from macramé strings and yarn could be just the ticket.

Just grab a circular, wooden frame (or cut a cardboard circle out and wrap it in yarn or ribbon). Add silk faux flowers or winter stems cut from your back yard or garden. Get creative! Let your fingers do the magic!

You can even stick in some beads to close the loose ends of the cords for a fancier look.

Those who like to knit or crochet would probably love receiving this DIY as a gift.

I bet you’re wondering if you could just buy this one too!! YOU CAN!

Cathy Galang, the talented artist running MYCreations in Winnipeg, can definitely make things simpler for you.

Her dainty wall hangings are not just chic, but will also add an elegant, festive touch to any holiday décor!

Make the most of this holiday season by getting crafty, acting sustainably and supporting local.

We’d love to hear how you decorated your home this season or if you tried any of our DIYs. Share your creations with us on our social media.

Happy Holidays!!