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Towers Realty Group requires our applicants meet minimum requirements for approval. We are hired to manage properties on behalf of property owners, and we have the responsibility to ensure that we do our due diligence in approving applicants for tenancy. We have set minimum standards to ensure that all applicants whom we approve will be tenants in good standing once taking up residence in their new home.

A tenant in good standing is one who exercises care for the maintenance of their residence while living up to their responsibilities under their Lease Agreement and the Residential Tenancies Act, including the timely payment of rent on or before the first of each month of their tenancy. To determine whether an applicant is likely to be a tenant in good standing once approved, we require certain information that is assessed by our Leasing and Property Management department. All information provided to our office is confidential and is handled in accordance with federal and provincial privacy laws as well as our own privacy policy.


  • Review an applicant’s credit report using Equifax.
    • We require that applicants pass a credit check in order to obtain approval for tenancy.
    • Some minor credit issues may require a Guarantor for approval.
  • Review an applicant’s past rental history on file with the Residential Tenancies Branch and the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench.
    • We require that applicants pass a rental history check in order to obtain approval. Applicants who have received judgements against them from previous landlords may be refused tenancy.

  • Contact an applicant’s previous landlords to inquire about previous tenancies.
    • We require a favourable rental reference in order to grant approval. Applicants who do not have previous rental history may be approved with a Guarantor.
  • Verify an applicant’s income to ensure sufficient income to pay rent on the unit applied for.
    • It is typically recommended that applicants try to apply for suites on which the rent will be 35% or less of their total gross income. Applicants with higher income to rent ratios will still be considered; income to rent ratios are meant as a guideline only.


To Apply You Will Need To:

  • view the apartment or suite;
  • fill out a separate application form for each adult (18+) planning to occupy the suite;
  • complete the Reference/Credit inquiry Consent Form, and;
  • government issued photo I.D.

If you are currently working and have been continuously employed for at least six months you will need:

  • Confirmation of employment. This can be in a letter on company letterhead from your place of work stating your gross income and length of employment. You may also provide wo most recent pay stubs, a Notice of Assessment stating gross annual income from Canada Revenue Agency, bank statements, or any other form of verification of your total gross annual or monthly income.
  • For applicants who are currently employed, we require that they be past their initial probation period. Some employers require up to six month probation periods. If you are permanently employed and no longer subject to a probation period, but have been employed for less than six months, you may provide a letter from your employer. The letter should be provided on company letterhead and state the date that your probationary period with your current employer had ended.
  • For applicants moving in order to begin a new job, please include your letter of offer as verification of employment and income.

If you are a student you will need to provide:

  • proof of enrollment (this can be printed off from online registration systems at most schools or can be requested from the registrar’s or admissions office). Proof of enrollment must include your name and the name of your school or university.
  • verification of your income, such as bank statement, Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency, letter of employment if you are working while attending school, student loan documents, and proof of any other income you receive.
  • a Guarantor Application, and
  • proof of income for your Guarantor*.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS will also be required to provide photocopies of their valid passport and valid visa.

If you do not have rental history you will need to provide:

  • a Guarantor application, and
  • a letter of employment or other verification of income for your Guarantor*

Please note that we may request or require additional information in order to process your application depending on individual circumstances.

If you are on social assistance, please contact our office at (204) 956-2739 for details on what is required in order for us to accept and process your application.

*Guarantors are required to be a Canadian resident with an income that is sufficient to pay the rent on the unit applied for (it is recommended that rent be 35% or less of gross total income). If a Guarantor is retired or self-employed, a copy of their most recent notice of assessment from CRA is required.

If you believe you would be an ideal tenant and have viewed a suite for which you would like to apply, you may obtain an application form from the Caretaker or Property Administrator, or download one here. Once completed, you may drop off your application and accompanying documentation to our office located at 100-1420 Taylor Avenue.

To save time you may also APPLY ONLINE. Please be sure to upload all supporting documentation, or deliver to our office.

If your application is approved, you will be notified that the landlord wishes to enter into a tenancy agreement with you, at which time you will be required to pay a security deposit in the amount of ½ of one months’ rent. Your first months’ rent payment must also be made in full prior to occupancy.