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Winnipeg is known for it’s winters, it is known as “Winterpeg” after all, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun during the winter! With festivals, ice trails and lots of more activities, we’re sure you’ll find what’s right for you to get outside this winter! We’re dropping some of our favorite activities for you to try!

Our benefit partner Kendricks Outdoor Adventures has you covered for equipment rentals in multiple locations, The Forks and Fort Whyte Alive! Book your winter activities with Kendricks using your Towers Benefits card and receive 10% off your first booking!

1. Ice Bikes!

Ice bikes are not only a great way to get some biking done in the winter, but is also a great way to explore the Red River walking trail! You can rent ice bikes from Kendricks Outdoor Adventures at the Forks and hop right onto the trail! There are also other places throughout the city to rent these bikes!

Kendricks Outdoor Adventures also offers Ice Trikes for those who may want a little bit more stability!

2. Skating

This is one of the things that is the most accessible in the wintertime in Manitoba, mainly because there’s ice everywhere! Guess that’s what happens when it’s -40 degrees outside sometimes.

You can rent skates from places all over the city, and there are public rinks all over the place for you to hop on the ice and zip around! And for those who are already confident on skates, grab a hockey stick and head to a nearby rink for some pickup hockey, there’s almost always a game to be found!

3. Cross-Country Skiing

Skiing is a ton of fun, but Manitoba is flat which kind of limits the ability to go downhill skiing within the province. Cross-country skiing however, is a great way to get on those skis and get also get a great workout in!

You can rent skis or purchase a beginner pair at quite a few locations throughout the city!

4. Tobogganing

One of winters most fun activities, tobogganing has been around for a long time and is one of the simplest forms of winter enjoyment! Just grab yourself a sled or toboggan – you can find them at Canadian Tire – and head to the nearest hill!

Assiniboine Park has some wonderful toboggan slides/hills to make use of in addition to the various spots to toboggan in the city! You can also head to the floodway on the outskirts of the city for this, just watch out for snowmobiles!

Be sure to get out and enjoy the winter weather – once you’re outside and moving around it’s not as cold as you might think! Just remember to add extra layers!