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We live in Canada, and unfortunately that means it gets quite cold for about half the year. While Canadians adapt fiercely to the cold, that doesn’t mean we enjoy moving in it! Make sure that your move is quick, efficient and that you stay warm with these tips!

Pre-pack and secure your belongings before moving day!

This one goes for all moves in general – packing up your things and having everything ready before the day of your move is absolutely key for moving in a timely manner. Labeling things will help you stay even more organized – keep items that will end up close to each other in your home in the same boxes!

Something to pay close attention to, especially in the winter is packing up your technology and anything that is glass. The colder winter temperatures make glass more susceptible to breaking and if you don’t secure your electronics properly, moisture build-up from the exposure to the cold and warming back up once inside can ruin your hardware! Not only that, most importantly organizing yourself can keep you and your stuff outside for less time, keeping you warm and reducing the chances of something going wrong outside!

Hire movers or get friends to help!

Moving can be a tough task, especially with larger and heavier furniture items like mattresses, bed frames and bookshelves. In the winter when it is slippery outside, it’s important to make sure that you have help to move your larger items so that you don’t slip and hurt yourself or damage your items. Ask your friends to help if there aren’t a lot of items – the old “Pizza and Beer” trick might work!

Alternatively, you can also hire movers if you have a lot of stuff to move or can’t get your friends to help. Towers Realty Group residents can use their resident benefit cards to get discounts on movers rates – we have 2 different options for you with Riverbend Moving & Storage and Total Moving!

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Movers will help you to not only ensure all of your belongings are moved for you, but will help you to move in a more efficient way and spend less time moving, and more time setting up your new home! One of the biggest advantage, beyond having extra hands to move more items, is that movers will pack all of your stuff into their truck and move it all at once! If you are moving yourself, you may need to find a truck/van for larger items, hiring movers covers all of that for you!

Rent a box truck!

When moving larger items, you will likely be limited on space in your vehicle – renting a box truck (ex. Uhaul) or a sprinter van to move the larger objects will save you enormous amounts of time! Going back and forth from property to property to move 3-4 boxes or 1-2 larger items is incredibly time consuming and can get costly when adding up fuel costs. Using a large vehicle to transport most of your items at once can make your move significantly shorter!

Have hot chocolate or coffee!

Keeping warm is a lot easier with a hot drink in your hand – especially when it’s as cold as Canadian winters are! Make sure all those hands in the move get a hot drink at some point during the move, if not just to warm up your hands but also to brighten your mood during what can be a bit of a stressful time!