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Summer is here, and with that means time spent outside! It’s important to both quench your thirst and enjoy a drink or two (responsibly). Here’s a list of simple “mocktails” you can make for yourself and guests to be sipping in no time! And not to worry – If you don’t understand any of the terms, there is a legend at the bottom to help you out!

The mojito is a classic patio drink which leaves you refreshed and wanting more! The tart lime mixed with the freshness of mint and crisp soda water combine to leave a light, bubbly mouthfeel that makes your tastebuds dance!

The margarita is the ultimate patio drink – Heavily utilizing both the tartness and acidic components of the lime, the delightfully sour drink is a staple on patios or around a dinner table (it pairs wonderfully with tacos!) Not only that, but you get to look cool shaking them up!

The paloma is a delicious “cousin” to the margarita! Combining the tartness in lime juice, with the more acidic and bitter grapefruit juice and cut with soda water – the paloma is a lovely, fresh and fizzy drink to sip on your patio or with a quick bite to eat!

Potentially the most filling drink there is – the caesar is a classic savoury drink, that is the perfect brunch drink! The salty clamato and worcestershire, mixed with the spicy tabasco leaves a heavy feeling on your tastebuds that satiates any hunger you might have had prior to making this. The best part? Garnish this with anything from pepperoni sticks to celery sticks, even use something like shrimp! Whatever snack you think you might want with your drink is ALWAYS the right choice!


Shaker Tin: A stainless steel cocktail shaker, which can be purchased at stores from Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond and more; and can be found online at amazon as well!

Simple Syrup: a sugar syrup, creating by heating water and sugar at a 1:1 ratio until the sugar has dissolved – this is used to replace granular sugar in drinks.

One of the best things about all 4 of these drink recipes, is that you can scale them up to serve as many people as you need! If you make these, don’t share them on social media and tag us with #towersliving !