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Last week, Towers Realty Group held its annual Caretaker Appreciation Banquet and presented awards to caretakers in recognition of outstanding achievement.

Towers Caretakers are dedicated to residents and building owners. They are driven to provide excellence in customer service, maintenance, leasing, and administration — functions that all contribute to the success of a building and make a Towers Apartment one people want to call home.

This year, Towers recognized Caretakers in three separate categories: major renovation, customer service excellence, and special recognition.

Major Renovation:

A major building renovation creates special challenges for residents. Caretakers often work closely with residents to minimize disturbances during a renovation, sometimes having to move residents to a new suite while work is done on theirs. A major renovation can create a lot of noise for residents, and an understanding caretaker who engages in open communication can go a long way to maintaining a good relationship with residents. On top of that, increased move-outs and move-ins and the administrative work that goes along with that will adds to the challenges a Caretaker will face.

This year’s winners are Cheryl and Brandon Wilson of Hillsboro House.

Major Reno Hillsboro
Cheryl and Brad with Donna Greaves, Director of Residential Property Management and Matthew Narvey, President

Customer Service Excellence:

This award is meant to recognize Caretakers who regularly go above and beyond in their commitment to customer service. A focus on customer service means creating a community where all residents feel welcome, whether that’s working together to plan social activities, decorating for the holidays, or giving Halloween treats to residents.

This year’s winners are Colleen Houston and Kirk Donald of The Hedges.

Customer Service - The Hedges
Colleen and Kirk with Alicia Koskey, Residential Property Manager and Jason van Rooy, Marketing Manager

Special Recognition:

Towers always wants to recognizes Caretakers who make going above and beyond part of their day to day. These Caretakers pay special attention to the grounds/building exterior and building cleanliness and general maintenance, excel at leasing, are keen administrators, and build positive relationships with their residents.

This year’s winners are:

Carl Neumann and Adam Reynolds of The Ritz Apartments

Special Recognition - The Ritz Apartments
Carl and Adam with Donna and Matthew

Lina Silva and Diego Verdaguer Sandoval of Carillon Towers

Special Recognition - Carillon
Lina and Diego with Pat Gilson, Residential Property Manager

Sandra Stadnyk of Victoria Woods

Special Recognition - Victoria Woods
Sandra with Donna and Matthew

Alfredo and Maria Penner of Markham Place (2295 Markham)

Special Recognition - Markham Place
Afredo and Maria with Darlene Zimmerman, Residential Property Manager and Matthew

Al Turner of Linlee Apartments

Special Recognition - Linlee
Al with Alicia and Matthew

Bea and Jake Letkeman of Harwood House

Special Recognition - Harwood House
Bea and Jake with Alicia and Matthew

Wendy and Ernie Roels of Governor’s Gate

Special Recognition - Governor's Gate
Wendy and Ernie with Donna and Matthew

Colleen and Bert Funk of 21 Mayfair Place

Special Recognition - Mayfair Place
Colleen and Bert with Pat and Matthew

Congratulations to all Caretakers recognized, and thanks for your great work! If you want to see your Caretaker awarded, get in touch and let us know how they’re doing.